Welcome to Canadian Built Home Products

Welcome to Canadian BuiltCanadian Built Home Products Corp. has been satisfying customers since 1998. We believe in high standards of workmanship and quality products. We specialize in windows and doors as well as other products and services related to improving your homes appearance; and making it greener and more energy efficient.

We started as a Toronto based company quickly expanding east all the way to Ottawa. We are working with residential homes and residential multi unit buildings, providing exceptional workmanship and high quality products.

We believe in fair pricing and quality installations. We treat every job the same way, big or small. No matter how good the product is, if it is not installed properly, it is not going to serve your needs in the right way.

We always provide one on one free consultation, and needs analysis. We will only offer you products that you need, and will help you find the products that you want.

Please Contact us if you have any questions or requests.

Energy Star
Going Green Matters!
TECHNOLOGICALLY SUPERIOR: Our glass uses latest technology, the newest innovation in glass efficiency to let in the light not heat.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Replacing all windows and doors in your home will save at least 30% of your energy consumption, guaranteed!

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